Amanda Hunter

Empowered Goal Setting for 2021

Are you someone where the clock strikes midnight on January 1st and you blurt out the first thing which comes to mind as your goal for the year?

Or is Big Vision your middle name?

In this episode, we’re talking about how to use this time of year productively, separate yourself from the pack and create empowered goals to start off 2021 ahead of the game!

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Surviving the Festive Season Overindulgence and Overwhelm

The festive season can be so many wonderful things… spending time with loved ones, good food, parties and presents!

But two things that often occurs is overindulgence and overwhelm!

This should be the time of year when you’re able to enjoy yourself so listen in for my guide on how to survive the festive season!

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5 Reasons Why Personal Development is a Must!

Learning beyond the school room, isn’t boring and it could be the game-changer you are waiting for!

In this episode, we’re giving you five reasons why personal development is an integral part to your success, both in business and in life!

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Intermittent Fasting 101

Heard of intermittent fasting but don’t know exactly what it is?

Well I’m going to break it down and let you in on some of it’s benefits…
Enhance your health. Lose weight. Gain Muscle. Develop a mindfulness practice.

Best of all, it focuses on WHEN to eat, instead of WHAT to eat!

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Hustle vs Flow

Ever feel as though you have 100 different tabs open in your mind because you’ve been lead to believe that the hustle and grind is where you need to constantly be?

In this episode we’re chatting about why doing more doesn’t always lead to greater success.

It’s all about finding that balance between hustle and flow!

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The True Cost of Prevention vs Cure

Which costs more? Prevention or cure? 

It can seem like a tricky question to answer on the surface as with prevention the initial cost is visible.

The problem with waiting for a cure is the unforeseen cost which is riskier because there’s no way to know exactly what it is.

And I’m talking more than just dollars here! 

Listen in to this episode to understand what the true cost to your health might just be!

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Erin Lindwall – Matcha Yu Tea

We had the pleasure of chatting with Erin from Matcha Yu Tea. Unashamedly, obsessed by matcha green tea from her many trips to Japan.
Erin’s mission is to help others enjoy the many health benefits of regularly drinking it whilst also looking after planet earth with her eco-friendly home compostable packaging. Listen in for a bit of matcha education and to hear about the really unique way that Aaron tested the waters first to ensure that the Australian market was ready for this delicious tea powder before taking the leap to launch her business.

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Diets and Deprivation Do Not Work!

Diets and deprivation simply do not work!

Not for your body. Not for your mind.

What happens when you start off following a really strict way of eating? Usually after a week or two… or maybe a month… you have a lapse in willpower, give into your cravings and fall off that dieting wagon.

Abstinence doesn’t work and only creates an unhealthy relationship with food.

In this episode I give you a little heart to heart to help you to listen to your body, understand your cravings and heal your relationship with food.

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How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome

Have you ever looked around a room and thought to yourself… “I shouldn’t be here? I’m not qualified enough or I’m not good enough to be here. I’m an impostor?!”

In the episode we’re chatting about Impostor Syndrome; feeling as though you’re a fraud and how you can overcome it!

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The Hidden Impact of Stress on the Body

Stress is something we all know about. But do you know the full impact that stress has on your body?

I’m talking beyond the sweaty palms, racing heart, dilated pupils….

In this episode, I’m talking about the hidden impact stress has on your health and what it’s really doing to your body.

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