What is a Health Coach?

People often think that being healthy is nailing the combination of eating the right foods, exercising enough and getting a regular check-up from their doctor.

Whilst there is some aspect of truth to this, there is so much overlooked in this simple equation.

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The Food and Immune System Connection

Have you ever considered the connection between the food we eat and the impact on our immune system?

It may sound like a pretty odd connection but let me assure you there is a direct correlation between the two.

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The Value of Wholefood Nutrition

I was having a conversation recently about the state of the current health care system. It concluded around the idea that the current system was a disease management model.
Meaning, that it’s focus was on the treatment of sick people rather than prevention of these diseases in the first place. In other words, band aid fixes rather than getting to the root cause of the actual issue.

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