12th – 15th October 2020


Want to create your own business but overwhelmed before you've started?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of launching your own side hustle. 

No more freezing with ‘where do I even begin!’.

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Hi, I’m Amanda, an Integrative Nutrition Coach and business mentor. I’m on a mission to help aspiring wellness entrenpreneurs launch their own businesses

… so they can create fulfillment and the freedom they desire whilst making the world a healthier place!

Having followed the traditional path and worked my way up the corporate ladder; I felt unfulfilled and called to follow my greater vision… 

…to see the next generation grow up in a world where good health and prevention is considered the norm.

I know you too have a vision and a mission!

And I want to help you to uncover them so you too can make a meaningful difference in the world.

Join me inside our Wellness Side Hustle Kickstarter 4 Day Challenge starting 12th October.

I look forward to helping you make that happen!

Amanda xx

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Working with Amanda has been such a joy! She is such a supportive, caring, helpful, and patient mentor. She has always encouraged me without being pushy, met me where I’m at, and never fails to share useful information. Not to mention, she’s a wonderful role model and truly embodies what she preaches.
Hayley S.