Step One

Answering the 13 Values Determination Questions

You will be asked a series of 13 questions which have you take an honest and deep look at what is important to you.
Discover what drives you and what may be holding you back from success in life. Find your true self and uncover who you are meant to be.


Each question will ask you to provide your top three responses in this area. You may need to stop and really ponder each question, however your response will give insight into your core values.

Start with a beginners mind – have no preconceived ideas about what your values may be so as to not sway the outcome. Get into the right mental state and create space for new insights to arise. Don’t try to put down the response which you believe is most acceptable to society – go with your truth!

Take the next 15 minutes to go deep and explore your inner guide so you can start living aligned to your values.