We have partnered up with a team of health and wellness professionals from around the world to bring to you an online holistic wellness program – The Healthstyle Emporium.

…it feels like a online retreat to nourish your mind, body and soul, all from the comfort of your own home.

Inside The HSE you will be joined by Nutritionists, Nurses, Life Coaches, Skin Specialists, Yoga Teachers, Reiki Healers and more, who have all collaborated together to bundle their expertise into a single program just for you.

The Healthstyle Emporium allows you to reconnect with your body, improve your relationship with food and find joy again in the everyday. 

It is about educating and empowering you to make sustainable healthy lifestyle choices!

How often do you take the time to put yourself first?

You’re so caught up in tending to the needs of others, that you put off making time for yourself until tomorrow.

Tomorrow you’ll eat what your body needs

Tomorrow you’ll do that yoga class

Tomorrow you’ll go for a walk in the sunshine

The thing is, tomorrow never comes.

Instead you feel overwhelmed and stressed about every aspect in your life!

You’re continually shuffling around your routine…slowly removing the last remaining activities which brought you joy thinking this will create the space you need to finally fit everything into your day.

You feel as though you’re always one step behind, being reactive and constantly putting out fires.

You never quite feel in control!

The reality is you’ll always be running from one thing to the next unless you take care of your own needs first.

You are enough and deserve to be nurtured too!


The Healthstyle Emporium empowers you to fulfill your needs and see you thrive!

It is designed to meet you exactly where you are at in your health and wellness journey, and provide you as much (or little!) guidance as you need.

Whether you consider yourself extremely healthy or are just starting out – everyone needs a little support along their way!

This is more than just an exercise or nutrition program!

We are not here to provide strict diets or other regimes. 

We are about enjoying life without deprivation and helping you to understand that this is possible.

The HSE is a holistic health program which takes inspiration from the inter-connectivity between aspects of our wellbeing. It has been designed to heal your relationship with food, embrace healthy living and live life holistically.

We understand that most people feel ‘time-poor’ nowadays!

We’ll help you tailor the program around your goals so you can incorporate this into your current routine, and not make it yet another chore on your never-ending to-do list.


⋒Tasty and wholesome recipes the entire family can enjoy including vegan, dairy & gluten-free (including healthy treats too!!)

⋒ ‘How to Plate Up’ nutrition methodology and eating guide

⋒ Access to our monthly online educational webinars and workshops

⋒ Meditation guides and challenges

⋒ Exercise guides including yoga, stretch guides, pilates and work outs you can do at home and the gym

⋒ Shopping lists & food journal

⋒ DIY skin & scrubs recipes, e-book and webinar

⋒ Life coaching and goal setting activities

⋒ Moon tracking prompts

⋒ Daily motivation and meditations

⋒ 100% natural, vegan & gluten free whole food supplement to coincide with your particular health journey. This is backed by research and science to boost your immune system, increase energy, decrease cravings, decrease bloating and inflammation too

⋒ Access to The Healthstyle Emporium Community Support Group

⋒ 24/7 support from The Healthstyle Emporium team to answer all questions / concerns.

Best of all, you’ll receive your own personal wellness coach (and virtual cheerleader!) to help keep you accountable along your health journey.


Anyone who wants….

♢ To feel more in control of your life

♢ Reduce the general feelings of stress and overwhelm

♢ Boost your immune system and increase your general vitality

♢ Start a spiritual practice such as yoga, meditation or journaling

♢ Establish a sustainable long-term way of eating which both fuels and nourishes your bodies (and tastebuds!)

♢ Tone up holistically (no punishing your body here!) and for your clothes to fit better

♢ Understand how your environment may be impacting your health

♢ Improve your mindset and delve into personal development

♢ Establish a self-care and self-love practice

♢ To have more restful sleep

♢ Have stronger hair and nails and better skin

♢ Learn how to understand and balance your hormones and cycle

♢ Have a supportive community around you to keep you motivated

♢ Relief from uncomfortable digestive issues, decrease bloating and reduce inflammation

♢ Identify lifestyle modifications to improve your overall wellbeing

Then #TheHSE is for you!


An added bonus is that kids receive wholefood nutrition for FREE!!! 

When you join The Healthstyle Emporium, a significant child in your life will receive free nutrition for up to four years!

We’re big believers in the power of wholefood nutrition and know the importance of kids starting their healthy habits at a young age. 

Afterall, food really is our medicine and we want our most precious littlies to have energy they need to allow their growing bodies & brains to develop optimally!

Before long they’ll start to crave more fruits and vegetables, be taking less days off school and requesting only water to drink.

Just imagine how proud you’ll feel when they grab a carrot to munch on, instead of a sugary snack – trust us, it happens!

Make a promise today to put yourself first.
Afterall, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

 To see more of what’s inside The HSE program, click HERE.